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ApowerREC Best Screen Recorder Software Lifetime Deal

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ApowerREC Best Screen Recorder Software Lifetime Deal

ApowerREC Best Screen Recorder Software Lifetime DealQuick Overview

  • Save your video to Photos, local file folder, or share it to other apps via Dropbox, Email, OneDrive, etc.
  • Record iOS full screen without any limitations or watermarks.
  • Mirror the recorded video to other devices and stream it onto a bigger screen easily.
  • Best for Video Marketing, Youtube Channels, Website Presentations, & much more.

ApowerREC Lifetime Deal

Today everyone needs a screen recorder software to record content that they want to use later.

No matter whether you want to help educate others with an educational video, show your gameplay, record a meeting, save the live stream, or any other general use.

Meet ApowerREC Lifetime Deal

ApowerREC is what you need to get data-driven screen recording detailed. Powered by AI, this screen recording software can capture live video streaming, images, worksheets, and any other data available on the screen for you. You can do video editing as well.

Demo Video

Help you to capture screens & sounds, make annotations and apply multiple recording modes to have fresh experience in using a screen recorder.

Record All Screen Activities:

  1. Record Screen: Record screen activities on your display.
  2. Record Webcam: Record webcam only or record webcam with the screen.
  3. Record Audio: Record system sound and microphone.
  4. Add Annotation: Add texts, lines, arrows, and other real-time editing works.
  5. Edit Video: Trim video length, add a watermark, and another advanced editing.

Extra Smart Screen Recording Experience

Task Recording

Create scheduled recording tasks to record the PC screen \ webcam at a specific time automatically, setting the start and stop recording time as you want.

Zoom Recording

Zoom in on a certain part of the area during screen recording by using the default shortcut key F10, enlarging the recording content you want to show specifically.

Locked Windows Recording

Record a specific window or program exclusively, and the recording process won’t be interrupted even when you are using other programs.

Spotlight Recording

Emphasize certain parts of the recorded screen by using the default shortcut key F4, highlighting the screen recording details.

Use ApowerREC for Efficient Working and Productivity Increase:

  1. Business & Work: Make a demonstration video for your app or capture a web conference for backup and later review. Voice commentary and webcam are also supported to be included in the recording.
  2. Teaching & Studying: Record online courses for e-learning and add extra annotations to them for better illustration. And this video recording software helps to make your video presentation more vivid as well.
  3. Entertainment: Record your finest gaming moments smoothly with HD quality, take screenshots of certain segments and share these awesome gameplay experiences with others.
  4. General Use: Other general use offered by this PC screen recorder includes saving great video chat moments, recording a short video clip for troubleshooting and customer support, etc.

Share Your Video with the World

  1. One-click uploads your recorded videos to YouTube directly for instant sharing with subscribers. No further ado is needed.
  2. Upload video to Dropbox with a simple click so that you can organize the videos and get them in sync with your team.
  3. Send the video to Google Drive cloud storage and share the video with your Google friends instantly.
  4. Create a new FTP connection as you wish and access the FTP server in order to upload and download files in an effective way.
  5. Host your screencasts on RecCloud for backup, and it gives you complete control over managing and sharing videos online.

Multifunctional Screen Recorder:

  • Microphone & System sound recorder: Enabling you to record system sound, microphone, or to record both audio sources at the same time.
  • Browser Recorder: Automatically capturing desired tabs in your browser and offering you a more accurate recording experience.
  • Desktop Recorder: Allowing you to save all the activities on the desktop just with a few clicks.
  • Webcam Recorder: Adding webcam images to enrich the recording content.

ApowerREC Features:

  • Dashboard
  • Video Capture
  • Screen Record Up to 30 fps
  • Record Webcam
  • Record Audio
  • Trim Video Clips
  • Screenshot Taking
  • Drawing
  • Active Desktop
  • Hotkeys
  • Webcam Recording
  • Area Selection Zoomer

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7/8/10
  • Mac OS X 10.10 or later
  • iOS 7 or later
  • Android 5.0 or later

Deal Terms:

  • Length of access: Lifetime.
  • Redemption Deadline of coupon code: 60 Days from purchase.
  • Support and Updates included.

ApowerREC is a powerful screen recorder software that allows you to capture anything on your screen with ease. Whether you’re recording a tutorial, a gameplay, a presentation or a video call, ApowerREC can handle it all. With its intuitive interface and advanced features, you can create high-quality videos that are sure to impress.

One of the key features of ApowerREC is its ability to record audio from both the system and microphone simultaneously, which is particularly useful for recording video conferences or webinars. You can also add annotations and captions to your videos to make them more informative and engaging.

ApowerREC also includes a video editor that allows you to trim, merge, and add effects to your videos. You can even convert your videos to different formats, such as MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, and more.

With its lifetime deal, you can get access to all of ApowerREC’s features and updates for a one-time fee. Plus, you can use it on up to two devices, making it a great value for individuals and small businesses alike. So why wait? Get ApowerREC today and start recording your screen like a pro!

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ApowerREC Best Screen Recorder Software Lifetime Deal


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