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Kurator Ultimate Content Curation Tool Lifetime Deal

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Introducing Kurator Ultimate Content Curation Tool Lifetime Deal. Unlock a world of curated content at your fingertips and effortlessly enhance your online presence.

And elevate your content strategy with automated curation, advanced filtering, and seamless publishing. Don’t miss out on this exclusive lifetime offer! Get it now and transform the way you curate content forever.

Introducing Kurator Ultimate Content Curation Tool Lifetime Deal Deal

Kurator Ultimate Content Curation Tool Lifetime Deal

Kurator Ultimate Content Curation Tool Lifetime Deal Features:

  • Publishing content to your website, newsletter, and social media channels effortlessly.
  • Alternative to Elfsight Raindrop TabExtend
  • Save time managing access to your own information
  • Best for Content creators Educators Social media marketers

Whether you want to centralize access to information for your projects (webpages, emails, app files, web documents), or share your web research Kurator is for you!

Meet Kurator Lifetime Deal

Kurator will save you time every day looking for information and lets you quickly index and find any link you have saved instantly!

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Kurator also makes it really easy to publish your research to your website, newsletter, and social media channels.

Curate and organize your content with Kurator and instantly publish everywhere.

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Text for Saving Links with Kurator

Kurator is the ultimate tool for modern content creators looking to streamline their research, curation, and publishing process.

With Kurator’s advanced scraping capabilities, you can effortlessly capture information from any webpage, edit headlines, save images, and add descriptions, author, publisher, date, and content tags for easy reference.

With Kurator, you can save YouTube and Twitter posts by clicking the like button, and they will automatically be added to your Kurator app.

You can share access to folders and collaborate with your colleagues inside Kurator.

Publishing Links with Kurator

Kurator offers multiple publishing features.

Publish to WordPress with KBucket

You can publish content to your WordPress website with our KBucket plugin. KBucket is a resource hub solution for WordPress that displays content from selected folders on a designated page on your website.

KBucket widgets let you embed links from your Kurator folders anywhere in your website.

The free version of KBucket lets you publish 100 links per channel and an unlimited number of channels. To add more links you will need to upgrade your KBucket plugin.

Sync Folders

Sync folders are folders added to the Sync folder section of Kurator.

Folders under the sync folders can generate RSS and embed links for your website and newsletter.

RSS Links

RSS links can be used to export and sync the content of your web folders with your newsletter, website and web documents. Any program that takes RSS is an input can be now connected to Kurator.

Embed Links

Embed links are HTML codes that can be embedded on your website or any page that can embed and display HTML links.

YouTube Gallery Embeds

Youtube Gallery embeds are a special kind of embeds for displaying your curated youtube gallery on your website. The embedded YouTube galleries will play on your website.

Embed Carousel Links

With the carousel links you can select the content you want displayed via your carousel using the publisher, author and content tags and then generate the RSS link for your embed code.

Plan Details

  • Unlimited Folders
  • Unlimited Links
  • Import/Export Folders
  • Shared Folders
  • Nested Folders
  • Import Chrome Bookmarks
  • Publish to WordPress Plugin (Unlimited folders, 100 links per channel – 3 Files)
  • Shared Folders for Collaboration with other Kurators
  • RSS Feed Export (Sync Folders 3 Folder Limit)
  • Embed Link HTML (Sync Folder Feature – 3 Folder Limit)
  • Embed YouTube Gallery (Sync Folder Feature – 3 Folder Limit)


  • Upload images for Kurator posts
  • More themes for the HTML, Carousel and Video Embeds
  • RSS Importer
  • Analytics
  • Broken Link detector
  • AI content improver
  • Social highlighter and chatGPT (or other AI) interface to summarize content

Deal Terms

  • LifetimeDeal for Kurator Standard Version
  • Redeem your code within 60 days of purchase
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Kurator Ultimate Content Curation Tool Lifetime Deal


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