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PageNudge Video Call To Actions Website Conversions Tool Lifetime Deal

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Introducing PageNudge Video Call To Actions Website Conversions Tool Lifetime Deal, the powerful video call-to-action tool that boosts website conversions. Engage your visitors and drive more sales with interactive videos. Don’t miss out on the lifetime deal!

Introducing PageNudge Video Call To Actions Website Conversions Tool Lifetime Deal

A simple video marketing tool that can help turn your site visitors into customers.

PageNudge Video Call To Actions Website Conversions Tool Lifetime Deal

In today’s digital world capturing the attention of a website visitor is the ultimate challenge. At any given time people are bombarded with direct messages, Facebook notifications, ads, and more. As a website owner you need a simple way to:

  • Capture the attention of your visitors
  • Make a quick but personal connection 
  • Guide the visitor to take a specific action (that keeps you connected)

With PageNudge, website owners can now easily use video to “Nudge” to any visitor into action. 

PageNudge Video Call To Actions Website Conversions Tool Lifetime Deal Features

Generate More Leads: Use video Call To Actions (CTAs) that gives every person who visits your site a personalized and engaging user experience that generates more leads.

Personalized Experience: Implement personalized Nudges across your website to engage returning prospects with your product or service by simply linking to the product page, scheduling a call, or more.

Increase Site Conversions: Showcase timely information based on conditional login. For example, showcase a video testimonial on a product page or prompt visitor to ask a question on your FAQ page to increase conversions.

Easy to Use: Stop fumbling with complicated tech software. Now you can easily place Nudges on specific pages of your website within minutes. Yes, PageNudge works on any website that accepts an embed code.

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What Is PageNudge Video Call To Actions Website Conversions Tool Lifetime Deal? 

Personalize your website with customizable video Call To Actions (CTAs) to give every person who visits your site a personal and conversion-focused experience.

Choose from a variety of customizable CTAs:

  • Link to a Website
  • Click to Email
  • Click to Call
  • Calendly integration
  • Social Links
  • Submit a Form
  • …and more!
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Strategically place Nudges on specific pages on your website with ease. Yes, PageNudge gives you the opportunity to usher your audience toward conversion by smartly communicating what you need them to know at every stage of their journey on your website.

Smarter Website Engagement with PageNudge 

Smart Controls – Nudges can be displayed in portrait, landscape, or square view and positioned on the bottom right or left of your page. You can also set up unique triggers for when you want the Nudge to be displayed. 

Analyze and Optimize – PageNudge incorporates built-in analytics that allow you to analyze video campaign data to better understand audience behavior and optimize your message

Agile Technology – PageNudge works with any website, whether it’s WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, Webflow, Clickfunnels, or plain HTML, PageNuge has got you covered!

Finally, a simple video marketing solution to convert site visitors into customers. 

Popular PageNudge Use Cases

Video nudges can be used for a variety purposes. Here are a few popular use cases for PageNudge. 

SaaS and Startups 

  • Welcome Visitors
  • Book Demos 
  • Onboard New Users
  • Announce Product Updates 

Online Marketers

  • Direct Visitors to the Proper Service
  • Book More Sales Call
  • Compelling Affiliate Link Redirects 
  • Announce Upcoming Offers 

E-Commerce Industry 

  • Showcase Product Reviews
  • Highlight Product Testimonials
  • Create Upsells or Cross-sells 
  • Announce Flash Sales
  • Personally Thank Customers After Checkout

Coaches and Consultants 

  • Showcase the Proper Services
  • Highlight Client Testimonials
  • Create Upsells or Cross-sells 
  • Announce Offers or Webinars

These are just a few of the popular use cases. Have an idea but not sure if you can use PageNudge to get it done? Feel free to share your specific use case with us and we’ll help you vet the idea.

PageNudge Keeps It Super Simple

Creating a Nudge is as easy and 1, 2, 3, 4…

  1. Create Your First Video – Simply record or upload a video to your desired workspace. For inspiration, use our proven video templates for best practices and maximize success.
  2. Select Your Call-to-Action – Customize your nudge. Edit the branding of your video nudge to fit natively on your website or landing page. Also, customize your nudge to the specific action that you want your visitors to take. You can set up call-to-actions such as: click a button (redirect to another page), book a call, collect emails, submit a contact form, or book a Calendly call, and many more.
  3. Configure Nudge Triggers – Set unique triggers based on where you want your nudge to display. This can be after an event or action happens on your website or on specific URLs either on desktop or mobile. Each campaign you build can funnel your site visitors with a more personalized experience for maximum conversions.
  4. Install PageNudge One and Done! – PageNudge installation is simple! Copy and paste your Nudge’s embed code ONCE to the footer of any website and you’re done! 

Call-to-Action System

Let’s be honest, we’re all familiar with pop-up, banners, slide-outs, spin-wheels, and every other call to action under the sun. If you’re a marketer, website owner, or average internet user we are sure you’ve encountered a myriad of website call to actions in your lifetime. 

PageNudge is not your average call-to-action software. Instead, it leverages the combined power of strategically placed videos and human interaction to walk a user through your intended experience. To put it plainly, it’s a human communication system.

What makes PageNudge Different? 

Apart from allowing you to foster smart human interactions with your website visitors, PageNudge is a scalable all-in-one communication system to help you leverage your initial video interaction. The benefits of PageNudge do not stop at a call-to-action. That would be too easy. 

Here are some of the ways PageNudge stands out from the pack. 

Manage Multiple Websites with One Single Tool 

If you’re an agency owner, webmaster, or internet entrepreneur PageNudge is the ideal video marketing tool. The platform provides multiple workspaces and roles. Now you can easily manage multiple sites for yourself or your clients. More importantly, PageNudge includes CName capabilities making it a perfect addition to your agency marketing stack. 

Video-Focused Without the Need for External Hosting

When it comes to video marketing, hosting is always a huge concern. With PageNudge you don’t have to worry about “where” or “how” you will store and stream your video nudges. We take care of all the hard work for you. No uploading to YouTube or subscribing to a Vimeo hosting plan. PageNudge works right out of the box. 

Engage, Capture, and Communicate on a Single Platform

Most call-to-action software or opt-in plugins are disjointed. You’re often required to integrate or piecemeal third party software together to run a viable system which can be a pain to configure. We’ve eliminated the complicated technical stuff and focused on creating a platform that just works end-to-end. 

Using PageNudge you can now 

  • Upload, Host, and Stream Videos on Your Website Using Embed Code
  • Setup Conditional Video Nudges Across Multiple Websites 
  • Add, Remove, Import, Export, and Manage Contacts in One Place
  • Capture Video, Audio, Text Messages, and Visitor Contact Info in One Place
  • Reply to Custom Video, Audio, and Text Messages From Your Messaging Center

Did we mention you can do all these things in one place without the need for any additional software? Crazy right?

Get this Deal Today and Start nudging your visitors into customers!

Deal Terms

  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase
  • 30-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

Features Included in All Plans

  • Lifetime access to PageNudge
  • 6 Call-To-Action Types Included
  • Full Analytics
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